How to bring Story Studio to your school

Story Studio provides a series of field-tested, arts-integrated lessons that have proven effective at developing English Language Literacy Skills. We provide professional development, visits from experienced professional teaching artists, and assessment tools aligned with common core standards.

The Story Studio methodology provides an effective structure for instruction, giving teachers access to documentation of actual implementation of teacher practice and of student work.

Story Studio Stats

"If you connect personally and deeply with it, it's easier for you to want to learn to speak that language so you can express yourself, so you can share with other people,"

—Kira Neel Teacher, Urban Arts Partnership

In 2011 the Story Studio program was launched in 5 New York City middle schools, each with a high proportion of recent-immigrant students. In this innovative program, Urban Arts teaching artists like Kira train NYC teachers to use visual art and storytelling to develop the academic and conversational fluency of over 350 English Language Learner (ELL) students. In addition to improving academic outcomes for these young people, Story Studio is developing skills to explore and share their unique stories and the desire to be understood.


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